AFDA Experimental & Graduation Festival Website 2021

In 2021, I undertook the challenge of transforming the AFDA Experimental and Graduation Festivals from in-person events to an online showcase. Serving as both a Web Designer and UX/UI Designer, my role extended beyond design, encompassing strategy, user experience, and content integration.




Web Design & SEO


AFDA - Education


Problem Statement

The onset of COVID-19 necessitated a digital transition for the AFDA festivals. The aim was to replicate the energy of the live festivals and broaden their reach to a global online audience.

Objectives & Goals

  • Recreate the festival experience online.
  • Expand the audience globally.
  • Design an intuitive, immersive website.
  • Implement a robust SEO strategy.


  • Adapting to the pandemic’s challenges.
  • Maintaining the festivals’ vibrancy in a digital context.
  • Ensuring user-friendliness for a diverse global audience.
  • Maximizing online visibility through SEO.


  • In-Depth Research and Analysis: Comprehensive research on digital event hosting and user preferences.
  • Iterative Design and User Testing: Ongoing design iterations and user testing for engagement.
  • Collaboration with Artists and Organizers: Close collaboration to represent artists’ work authentically.


A dynamic online platform simulated the live festival experience, enabling exploration of films, live performances, and art exhibitions.



The transition to a digital platform marked a resounding success. Over 100,000 viewers worldwide engaged with the festivals, demonstrating the potential of digital platforms to transcend physical constraints and amplify artistic expression.


Traffic Galore

  • Over 100,000 global viewers engaged with festival content.


More People saw the glorious work

  • 50 times more in website traffic compared to in-person festivals.


This project highlighted the synergy between art and technology, emphasizing the impact of strategic web design and user experience. It reinforced the value of adaptability and innovation in challenging times and shaped my approach to designing digital experiences that connect, inspire, and transcend boundaries.